Gerry O Farrell,
B.A. Dip Psych, Dip Supervision, MIAHIP, ECP,
Ph No : 01 8213691
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How I work

I work in a one to one relationship with the client in a confidential and safe setting. Working to develop the clients own self-awareness and by doing so assist them in finding their own way forward through their difficulties.
As a therapist I am guided by the needs and concerns of the person attending for therapy. I can offer therapy based on Psychodynamic and Humanistic Integrative approaches incorporating cognitive behaviour and body work methods. I also use GIM to assist in accessing the clients consciousness.
In the Psychodynamic approach I attempt to bring a clients conscious awareness to the relevant parts of the unconscious . Dream analysis and guided imagery can help in achieving awareness.
Humanistic Integrative approach practices the power of listening. Self-awareness can come from a person being fully heard and accepted without judgement.

There is great  peace and joy to be realised that we can live our lives mindfully in the present moment, rather than staying in the past or projecting to the future. Awareness is the key to mindfulness, but it does not come easily for most of us. It requires commitment, discipline, hard work and daily practice.  I work with clients on their awareness and mindfulness.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) focuses on how we think, the kind of thoughts we have about ourselves and how that thinking affects how we feel. During the sessions clients have the opportunity to look at how they have developed their thoughts about themselves and why they believe what they believe about themselves. The more aware a person becomes of their own thinking, feeling process, assumptions and beliefs the more they can make conscious and positive choices.

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