Gerry O Farrell,
B.A. Dip Psych, Dip Supervision, MIAHIP, ECP,
Ph No : 01 8213691
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1. Duration of sessions
The duration of each therapy session is 60 minutes. It is your responsibility to be on time, as delays cannot be made up at the end of the session.

2. Payment of fee
It is expected that you will pay the fee after each session. You will be given at least one month’s notice of any change in the fee.

3. Cancellation or Change of Appointment
A minimum of 48 hour’s notice (2 full working days) is required in order to cancel a session. If this is not adhered to the fee will still be charged. Occasionally it might be possible to re-schedule a session during the same week, however this will be subject to the availability of alternative appointments. If the session cannot be made up in the same week, the fee will be charged as usual.

4. Commitment to process
Having made the decision to attend counselling or therapy it is important that you get into a routine of attending regular sessions. The process of counselling or therapy is work. Dealing with personal issues requires regular attendance and commitment to the process. This is vital to assist you achieving resolution. Painful issues do arise in this work and these can be disturbing and uncomfortable for you. This also means that a decision to end counselling or therapy is best discussed in advance so that you can finish in a planned way.

5. Doctor’s referrals
In the case of clients referred directly by a doctor or agency, I will as a matter of professional courtesy, and unless otherwise requested by you, acknowledge such referrals stating that an initial appointment had been made.

6. Confidentiality
I am an accredited member of Irish Association of Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and am bound by it’s Code of Ethic and Practice (See Confidentiality is guaranteed in all work carried on during the session. There are three exceptions to this:
1. If you are intending on harming yourself, 2. If you are intending to or are harming another person. 3. If you disclose the name of someone who is abusing children or from whom children may be at risk of abuse, I am ethically bound to report this fact. I operate under the Children First Guidelines, which stipulates that any current risk of Child Sexual Abuse is reported to the relevant authorities. In cases of Child Sexual Abuse I need to know what action has been taken in relation to the protection of minors who may be at risk.
However in all cases I will discuss in advance with you the communications I am obliged to make.

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